Quality Assurance

Part Electronics is one of the leading global quality independent distributors with trusted supply chain security, utilized by thousands of responsible procurement agents throughout the electronic component industry. With countless quality certifications and registrations, adherence to any customer specific quality requirement can be attained. We can effectively reduce risk in the supply chain and help customers simplify procurement by reducing the number of required supplier partners. Part Electronics provides valuable solutions for OEMs and EMS Providers by stocking and procuring genuine quality parts that are unavailable via Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or authorized sources for reasons such as obsolescence, End-of-Life (EOL) or excessive lead times. In response to the increasing volume of fraudulent and counterfeit parts entering the market, Part Electronics has emerged as a reliable leader during this epidemic by continuously investing in quality assurance strategies. In the last several years, many Independent Distributors have struggled with implementing timely solutions to combat the counterfeit outbreak. While delays in supply chain protection persist, it causes significant safety risks, loss of revenue, and damage to the reputation of their customers.

Our Quality Guidelines
Assess, identify and maintain reliable sources to procure electronic components
Preserve product integrity and conformity during processing
Detect and mitigate risk of distributing substandard, fraudulent, and suspect counterfeit parts
Control and report any substandard, fraudulent, and suspect counterfeit components

Part Electronics commitment to quality influences the entire industry as a result of our participation in the advancement of trade ethics, standards, and education. These efforts ultimately improve the overall quality of our products and services. In maintaining our presence at various educational workshops and conferences, we are able to promote the research, development, and implementation of new technologies, industry collaboration, and internal processes intended to mitigate threats in the supply chain.Although the development of new counterfeiting techniques is constantly progressing, so too are the advancements made in our quality assurance program. Since there is no absolute practice, standard, or certification that can prevent fraudulent or counterfeit parts from entering the supply chain with 100% certainty, Part Electronics imposes strict quality principles that minimize the risk of receiving faulty products in an era of new high-end counterfeiting technologies.