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Part Number GRM32ER60J107ME20L
Manufacturer Murata Manufacturing
Quantity in stock 527080 Pieces
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Description Cap Ceramic 100uF 6.3V X5R 20% SMD 1210 85\u00b0C Embossed T R
Category Capacitors
Family Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer
ROHS Compliant Yes
MSL Level GRM32ER60J107ME20L
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GRM32ER60J107ME20L Specifications

Part Number GRM32ER60J107ME20L
Capacitance Value 100 uF
Voltage(DC) 6.3 V
Dielectric X5R
Package/Case 1210
Rad Hard No
Tolerance 20 %
Case Size 1210
Operating Temperature -55 to 85 °C
Construction Flat
Lead Finish Matte Tin
Mounting Surface Mount
Case Style Ceramic Chip
Max Processing Temp 270
Product Dimensions 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm
Type Flat
Product Depth 2.5 mm
Product Height 2.5 mm
Product Length 3.2 mm
Replacement Part Number PART-GRM32ER60J107ME20L
Weight Contact us
Country of Origin -

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